What's EWPanel up to?

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EWPanel Recieves Funds from the NSF

To help with early-stage research and development, EWPanel applied for and received a small business grant through the National Science Foundation (NSF) as part of their SBIR Phase I program.  The program offers non-dilutive seed funding to help early tech start-ups in their feasibility stage, both in customer discovery and prototyping.  These are crucial steps towards commercialization.  To learn more about the program, hit "VIEW MORE" below!


Union South Tech Installation

As people walk through the northeast entry of UW-Madison's Union South, they may have found themselves generating electricity just by walking on the floor.  Prof. Xudong Wang's research group demonstrates it's cellulose-based nanogenerator on campus!  To see more, hit the "VIEW MORE" below!


EWPanel Prototype created

Associate Professor Xudong Wang holds a prototype of the researchers’ energy harvesting technology, which uses wood pulp and harnesses nanofibers. The technology could be incorporated into flooring and convert footsteps on the flooring into usable electricity.